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International Short Film Festival on Disability, Munich, November 2001

Since 1995, the German-based organization called the Association of Disabled People in the Media has organized international festivals on short films about disability issues and/or disabled persons. They have strict rules about the length of entry--60 minutes or under---and about the direct involvement of people with disabilities in some aspect of producing the film.

Following are the conditions and criteria for the 2001 festival, to take place in November in the film museum of Munich with associated discussions and celebrations:

1. The 3rd International Short Film Festival "The Way We Live" will take place 14. - 17. November 2001 in Munich.

2. The organizer is the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Behinderte in den Medien". Festival Director: Karl Heinz Gruber

3. "The Way We Live" is a festival for films which depict the life of people with disabilities in our present-day society. In the international competition the latest productions from all over the world will be presented and assessed and awarded prizes by a jury of experts. The competition will be complemented by an information programme with retrospectives, film showings and film series on selected topics.

The Short Film Festival "The Way We Live" is intended to promote the production, showing, and distribution of authentic short films dealing with the daily life and the living conditions of disabled persons. The festival has the purpose of creating a forum for the exchange of opinion and discussion of new projects; it is meant to stimulate cooperation between professional film producers and disabled persons and, in particular, to encourage disabled persons to engage themselves through the media of film and television in the realisation of their objectives.

4. Films and videos produced after January, 1, 1997 will be eligible for entry. The maximum duration of any film put forward is 60 minutes. Films from the fields of documentation, fiction, animation, and experimental films can be entered. The following film formats are acceptable:
  • 35 mm
  • 16 mm
  • Betacam
  • U-matic High or Low
  • Hi 8
  • S-VHS
5. An international jury will decide on the endowment of the following prizes:
  • 1st prize: 10,000 DM
  • 2nd prize: 5,000 DM
  • 3rd prize: 2,000 DM
Visitors to the Festival will be able to award an audience prize

6. The following material must accompany each entry:
  • Viewing video VHS (PAL)
  • A fully filled in and signed entry form
  • Stills and press material
  • Short synopsis of the film
  • Dialogue list in German or English
  • Biography / filmography of the film producer
  • Declaration of the effect that disabled persons have been involved in developing the idea and the underlying conception of the film or in its realization
7. The viewing cassette and the complete entry material should be sent to the following address:

Internationales Kurzfilmfestival "Wie wir leben"
c/o Arbeitsgemeinschaft Behinderte in den Medien
Bonner Platz 1 / V
D-80803 München

Deadline for entries is August, 1, 2001.

8. The entrant must assume the costs of delivery to Munich of the viewing cassette and the film copy for showing. The Festival organization will assume the costs of the return of the competition videos and films. All prints and video tapes from Non-EU-countries must be sent with a customs declaration on the packaging stating the following: "For temporary use only. No commercial value, for cultural purposes only."

9. The viewing cassettes will remain in the archives of the "The Way We Live" film office. Should this not be desired then the competition entrant must bear the costs of the return of the viewing cassette. Approval or non-approval in respect of the question of filing the viewing copy in the above-mentioned archives must be indicated in the appropriate section of the entry form.

10. All the films and videos entered for the competition can - for the duration of the Festival - be viewed on VHS cassettes in an "Vision Bar" by the visitors to the Festival.

11. The film copies are insured by the festival organizers for the period of the Festival and for return delivery.

12. Entry to the competition automatically entails full recognition of the competition rules.

For an entry form, visit the festival web site at http://www.abm-medien.de/filmbuero/anmeld.htm

For further informations please contact:
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Behinderte in den Medien, Karl Heinz Gruber
Bonner Platz 1, 5th floor, D-80803 München
Tel. (+49-89) 307 992-20, Fax. (+49-89) 307 992-22
E-mail: gruber@abm-medien.de

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