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Moscow & Russian Press Intrigued by Disabled Demonstrators

During December and January demonstrations in major Russian cities were organized by local disability rights groups. Although the demonstrations were primarily focused on urban inaccessibility, in the following five, short press reports, it is interesting to see that the organizers were well-prepared to promote a variety of human rights, economic and social "messages" in response to reporters' questions.

It is also interesting to compare the tone of the Russian demonstrators compared to the usual tone of similar U.S. based or European actions. All anger by the Russians is reserved for the government which has, according to these reports, either ignored previous requests or made empty promises. When dealing with passersby or reporters, the Russian demonstrators make every attempt to engage, entertain or educate, fully aware that this will be the first time most of the public has ever considered these issues. The working assumption also seems to be that to attract public support will strengthen the appeal for accessibility, a necessary strategy when the local or national law is toothless.

These press articles were provided by Perspektiva, which is the official Russian source for DisabilityWorld reports from that country.

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