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Disability Employment Project Established for Yorkshire Area, U.K.

News provided by Laurel Richards (lrichards@bcm.tmc.edu)

DONCASTER, UK--A new project which aims to find employment for 160 people who have disabilities and/or long_term health problems in Doncaster was launched in September 2000.

The project will be funded with significant support from the Shaw Trust, an UK charity which supports disabled and disadvantaged people find routes to work. Funding will also be provided by the South Yorkshire Health Action Zone to assist people over 50 who have recovered from a period of illness or have a disability to retrain and return to work.

Shaw Trust regional director Gary Emerson said, 'This new and exciting project is just the beginning of a major initiative between Shaw Trust, Doncaster Social Services and the Doncaster and South Humber NHS Trust to develop a range of employment, training and support projects for disabled job seekers in Doncaster.'

Shaw Trust will also lead a major bid for European Objective 1 Funding, in partnership with DMBC, to develop their work further to enable Shaw Trust to reach some of the 30,000 disabled people who live in the Doncaster area. It is estimated there are around 6,000 disabled people in Doncaster who can work and want to work.

Development of the Disability Employment Project extends Shaw Trust's existing employment-focused activities in the Doncaster area. The charity is already working to secure employment for people with some form of significant disadvantage, including ex-offenders, homeless people and ex-drug users. Shaw Trust also works closely with the Disability Service arm of The Employment Service to find work placements for disabled job seekers in the whole of West, South and North Yorkshire.

For more details, contact:
Gary Emerson, Shaw Trust Regional Director, 01642 218181, or
Mike Cartlidge, Service Manager (Disabilities), Doncaster Social Services Department, 01302 737702.

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