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Independent Living briefly

Opportunity to Participate in On-line Sympoisum on Best Practices in Independent Living

The IL NET is looking for innovators in the field of independent living to participate in the online symposium on Best Practices in Independent Living, February 19-March 9.

Participants will identify and discuss best practices in three areas of center operation: capacity-building, direct services and advocacy. Discussion will involve posting comments on a course website and responding to comments by other participants.

To stimulate the discussion of best practices, we will look at innovative programs identified in past IL NET competitions. Participants are encouraged to bring their own examples of innovative programs and best practices in any of the three topic areas listed above.

Past Innovative CILs winner Ketra Crosson of Alpha One noted that "growth and development of a philosophy or a profession is benchmarked by the literature of Best Practice and [the] sharing of ideas about what you do and why you do it. It adds credibility and respect to what we do."

All of us in the independent living movement will benefit from the results of this online symposium. To register, contact Carri George at cgeorge@ilru.orgor 713-520-023 by Friday, February 2, 2001.

Contact information:
Dawn Heinsohn
ILRU -- Independent Living Research Utilization
2323 South Shepherd, Suite 1000
Houston, TX 77019
E-Mail: heinsohn@ilru.org
Phone: 713.520.0232
TDD: 713.520.5136
Fax: 713.520.5785
Fax on Demand for Latest Information on All Programs: 800.795.7118
Worldwide Web Site: www.ilru.org

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