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International Conferences 2000-2001

Conference on the Human Genome and the Science, Business, Law & Ethics of Engineering Human Life, Akron, Ohio, April 5-7
It has just been announced by Timothy Lillie, Ph.D. of the University of Akron that the conference organizers are interested in the participation of those with expertise about disability and genetics. The conference website is www.uakron.edu/2001and Prof. Lillie's email is tlillie@uakron.edu

World Health Organization Conference on "Re-Thinking Care," April 22-25, Oslo, Norway (by invitation only)
The World Health Organization is sponsoring an international conference on the theme of "Re-Thinking Care" for around 100 participants this spring in Oslo. The objective of the conference is to examine the possibilities for increased independence of people with disabilities through participation and empowerment in different settings: family, community and institutions.

The structure of the conference will be plenary and working group sessions based on the topics of the first four UN Standard Rules: awareness-raising, medical care, rehabilitation and support services. For more details, visit a very lively website with substantive amounts of papers and information being exchanged: www.rethinkingcare.org

The conference is being organized by WHO in collaboration with the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. The Norwegian Association of the Disabled is a full partner in the process and information is available from Eli Knosen via email: eli.knosen@srff.dep.no

European Union Conference on "Equal Opportunities in the Market for Deaf & Hard of Hearing People," Sweden, June 6-8
A conference to explore how to equalize labor market opportunities for people who are deaf or hard of hearing will take place this summer in Uppsala, Sweden, June 6-8.

The conference is being organized by the Swedish Employment Office for hard of Hearing and Deaf Persons and is aimed at European Union countries primarily. Topics include: tinnitus as a distraction from work; deaf and hearing colleagues-problems and challenges; diversity in the workplace; and experiences of deaf and hard of hearing people in the labor market.

Details on the web: www.eukonf.uppslaa.hod.nuand via email from Christina Magnusson: Christina.magnusson@lanc.amv.se

RESNA 2001 Conference, June 22-26, Reno, Nevada
The 2001 conference of the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America will be held in the Nugget Hotel in Reno, Nevada. The June 22-26 schedule includes 25 peer reviewed sessions, almost 150 scientific papers and interactive poster sessions, more than 100 exhibitors and 17 half or full-day instructional courses and workshops. Accessible tours of Reno, an Old West recreation hub, available before and after RESNA conference. Details on the web: www.resna.org

International Conference on Augmentative & Alternative Communication, Calcutta, India, November 22-24
The Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP) will organize the above conference to explore how people who use alternative and augmentative communication can realize their human rights.

The conference will address four crucial issues: awareness, technology, training and resources. Details are available from Ms. Sakshi Broota of the National Center for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People via email: ncpedp@vsnl.comor Smt. Sudha Kaul, Executive Director, IICP via email: ssei@vsnl.com

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