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Employment briefly

British Survey Attitudes of Small Businesses Towards Employment of Disabled Persons
A new British report, "Jobs Worth: Disability in Small Business," finds that ineffective information and advice is the main barrier to small businesses employing disabled workers. Findings are based on a survey of more than 1100 small employers in order to analyze their attitudes towards hiring disabled individuals.

The report, carried out with the support of the Disability Rights Commission and the Federation of Small Businesses, was launched in September by the British Minister for Disabled People, Margaret Hodge MP.

Employers interviewed reported a lack of advice about good practices and support. For example, fully 79% stated they had no knowledge of the Employment Service's Disability Service Teams, the principal source of advice for employers on disability and employment concerns.

Another major finding was that there is a growing willingness by small employers to think positively about employing disabled people. The report recommends a "tool kit" approach to be developed to enable small employers to receive relevant information and services concerning employment of disabled workers.

Over half of all employment opportunities in the UK are with small businesses, with more than 90% of employers being classified as small to medium. Details available from Nick Goss via email: Nick.Goss@radar.org.uk

New US Book Touts Self-Employment Strategies for People with Disabilities
A business owner with a disability has written a bold new book, No More Job Interviews: Self-Employment Strategies for People with Disabilities. Alice Weiss Doyel has aimed her latest book at disabled individuals who want to start businesses and the employment specialists who support them.

Cary Griffin, director of training for the Rural Institute at the University of Montana, gives the book a sterling review: "This is a clear and concise volume that recognizes the growing reliance all Americans have on small business and makes the case that people with disabilities are as qualified as any to take their rightful place in free-market enterprise, regardless of IQ score, mood swings or ability to walk."

Doyel explores in detail how to optimize prospects for business success and self- sufficiency and challenges human service agencies to use the tools within to provide meaningful support along the way.

She covers resources available to all, such as the Small Business Administration, but also explains in depth those support systems designed specifically to help disabled individuals who want to leave Social Security benefit rolls for work, such as Plans to Achieve Self-Sufficiency (PASS). At the heart of the book are comprehensive business planning chapters and associated case studies of "real-life" individuals with disabilities and their business plans.

Available from Training Resource Network for $29.95 plus shipping. Details available via fax 904 823 3554; phone 904 823 9800; email trinc@aol.comor on the web at www.trninc.com

Theme of European Day of Disabled People:Combating Discrimination in the Labor Market
"Combating Discrimination in the Labor Market" is the theme of European Day of Disabled People 2000, which was celebrated this year December 5-6 by the European Commission in collaboration with the European Disability Forum.

Following an awards ceremony on December 5 to recognize good practice by employers, a conference was held on December 6 in Brussels to strengthen the fight against discrimination in the labor market. Approximately 200 delegates from EU countries attended the conference and associated activities.

Background research papers are available on the website established for the event: http://eddp.edf-feph.org

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