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International Conferences 2000-2001

Asia/Pacific Conference & Campaign on "Breaking Barriers to Promote Social Integration"
Bangkok, December 2000

To advance the Asia/Pacific Decade of Disabled Person (1993-2002), a regional conference and campaign is held annually in different countries that support the Decade. This year's event is a combined conference and public education campaign in Bangkok, Thailand, December 11-15, under the theme of "Breaking Barriers to Promote the Social Integration of Disabled Persons."

The co-organizers are the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia & the Pacific (ESCAP), the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of Thailand, the Regional NGO Network for the Promotion of the Decade, and the National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand.

The objectives of the Campaign are to review implementation of the Decade, exchange good practices in the 12 action areas of the Decade and to discuss approaches to emerging regional issues concerning equalization of opportunities for people with disabilities.

The 12 Decade action areas are: national coordination, legislation, accessibility & communication, assistive devices, education, training & employment, disability prevention, rehabilitation, CBR and health & social development, self-help organizations and regional cooperation. A series of roundtable sessions will be held on each topic.

Emerging regional issues, also to be developed in separate session, include: advocacy for empowerment, influencing public administration personnel, arts & crafts as a source of livelihood, participation of disabled women and girls in the disability movement and in gender equality programs, the ICIDH-2, access to information technology, community-based support for people with mental illness and self-help and independent living.

Details concerning participation or the program are available from the Campaign 2000 Secretariat via email info@goodwillthai.or.thor fax 662 241 2841/5125.

West Africa Federation for Advancement of Disabled Persons
Cape Verde, December 2000

The President of WAFOD, Alpha Boubocar Diop, has asked us to inform readers about its 20th anniversary celebration and regional summit, taking place December 6-18 in Praia, Republic of Cape Verde, West Africa.

Under the theme of "Disabled People in Africa Face the Challenges of the Third Millennium," WAFOD will explore the following main topics:
  • Regional preparations for the African Decade of Disabled People (2000-2009)
  • Building the organizational capacities of WAFOD and its member associations
  • Organization of the general assembly of the Pan African Federation of Disabled Persons (PAFOD)
The West Africa Federation is an umbrella of national federations of disabled persons in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Guinea (Conakry), Guinea Bissau, Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia, Mauritania, Togo and Cape Verde.

Call for Papers: Western Social Science Association
Reno, Nevada, April 2001

A second call for papers has been issued by the Section on Chronic Diseases & Disability of the Western Social Science Association for its annual conference, taking place in Reno, Nevada, April 18-21, 2001. The submission deadline has been extended to December 31, 2000.

The section co-chairs invite abstracts concerning research on policies, problems, cultural representations and experiences that involve people with disabilities. A proposal form for abstracts of individual presentations, panels or roundtables is available from section co-chair Dr. David Pfeiffer, 2575 Kuhio Ave #1802, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 USA or via email: Pfeiffer@hawaii.edu

Proposals will be accepted via email or mail but no email attachments will be accepted due to the possibility of transmitting a virus.

WHO Organizes "Rethinking Care" Conference
Oslo, Norway, April 2001

Earlier this year, we received an announcement of the planning of a World Health Organization Conference on the theme of "Rethinking Care," to be held in Oslo, April 22-25, 2001. Although we have seen no formal announcement from WHO since then, the preliminary information sounded fascinating:

"The main objective of the conference is to give disabled people an opportunity to contribute to policy issues on rethinking, development and priority settings regarding health and social services, and to provide recommendations to WHO member states.

" The conference will treat health and social services which are oriented towards disabled people with a view to create possibilities for independence, participation and empowerment.

"The conference will take as its starting point the first four of the UN Standard Rules on Equalization of Opportunities for People with Disabilities: awareness-raising, medical care, rehabilitation and support services."

Inquiries: Eli Knosen, Norwegian State Council on Disability, (Statens Rad for Funkjsonshemmede), P.O. Box 8192, Dep. N-0034 Oslo, Norway or fax 57 22 24 95 79 or email eli.knosen@srff.dep.no

Society for Disability Studies Issues Call for Papers
Winnipeg, June 2001

The Society for Disability Studies is holding its first conference outside the USA and is excited to expand its networking and membership base. The conference will be held in Winnipeg, Canada, June 21-24, organized by Karen Hirsch, SDS Board Member, and Henry Enns, Director of the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies.

The deadline is December 15, 2000 for submission of abstracts/proposals for papers, presentations, panels, workshops, roundtables or performances. Submissions should address the theme, "Democracy, Diversity and Disability."

The organizers seek to examine emerging international disability studies initiatives in their political, cultural and social context, including their implications for policy and program developments. The conference will be organized to encourage dialogue between academic disability studies, practitioners and the disability community. It will also examine partnerships between the disability community, families, academicians, government, policy makers, professional and the private sector.

It is expected that this conference will have significant participation from countries outside North America. Each plenary session will have an international focus and breakout sessions are being designed to represent different parts of the world, a variety of disability organizations and a broad range of academic disciplines.

A full description of the conference and an explanation of the different types of presentations is available, as are abstract/proposal submission forms, from: Karen Hirsch, Ph.D., Program Director, IMPACT Center for Independent Living, Alton, Illinois 62002; phone 618 462 1411 (voice or TTY); fax 618 474 5309; email Hirsch@impactcil.org

An email copy and three hard copies of your proposal should be postmarked no later than December 15. No individual may present more than one paper or other significant event: multiple proposals may be submitted but only one will be chosen. All presenters must pre-register and pay for the June conference by the spring of 2001.

The Society for Disability Studies is an international non-profit organization that promotes the exploration of disability through research, artistic production and teaching.

RI Arab Regional Conference on "Disability, Rehabilitation & Inclusion"
Beirut, Lebanon, September 2001

The Arab Region of Rehabilitation International, in collaboration with the National Rehabilitation and Development Center of Lebanon, invites you to attend and participate in an international conference in Beirut, September 19-21. The conference will immediately follow the annual meeting of the RI Assembly and meetings of its Executive Committee and Commissions, September 15-18.
  • Under the theme of "Disability, Rehabilitation and Inclusion," the following main topics will be explored:
  • Organization & administration of disability and rehabilitation services in the new millennium
  • Disability research and how it serves disability issues
  • The use of the media concerning disability
  • Health & prevention issues and their relation to disability
  • The role of NGOs in disability issues
  • New issues in education and disability
  • Accessibility of cities: a right of disabled persons
  • Disability and the use of information technology
  • Human rights and legislation on disability
  • Sport and leisure for disabled persons
  • The role of UN agencies in third world disability issues
  • Vocational rehabilitation in the new century
Details available from the Conference Secretariat, National Rehabilitation & Development Center, RI National Secretary for Lebanon, P.O. Box 11-7732 Beirut, Lebanon; tel/fax (00961 ) 1630134/5210339/5301589; email nrdc@destination.comlbor nrdc_conf@hotmail.com

Call for Papers: International Conference on Parents with Disabilities
San Francisco Bay Area, October 2001

A call for papers has been issued for the second International Conference on Parents with Disabilities and their Families, to be held October 11-14, 2001 in the San Francisco area. The conference organizer is the U.S. National Center on Parents with Disabilities administered by Through the Looking Glass of Berkeley, California. Conference information will be posted on their website, www.lookingglass.org, beginning on January 1.

The deadline for proposals is March 31 and all proposals must be submitted on the official form that will be posted on the website by January 1. In the meantime, a preliminary list of topics has been suggested as follows:
  • Adaptive parenting equipment
  • Cross-cultural issues
  • Intervention models
  • Custody & legal issues
  • Community resources
  • Pregnancy & birthing
  • Adoption & foster care
  • Violence & abuse
  • Parents with cognitive disabilities
  • Infant/children of parents with disabilities
All papers should address parents with disabilities and their families. Disabilities include any sensory, physical, cognitive, psychiatric or other disability as well as medical conditions. Papers should target an audience of professionals including practitioners and researchers from a wide range of disciplines as well as consumers.

Information is available from Paul Preston, Ph.D., Through the Looking Glass, 2198 Sixth St., Suite 100, Berkeley, CA 94710-2204 USA; tel 510 848 1112; fax 510 848 4445; email paul_preston@lookingglass.orgThrough the Looking Glass is supported by a five year grant from the U.S. National Institute for Disability & Rehabilitation Research.

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