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Moving Out, Moving In
How seven people with disability found their own home

By Rea Dennis and Lesley Chenoweth

A collection of stories about relocating to the community, this book presents the personal accounts of seven Queenslanders with severe intellectual disabilities. Using techniques of creative writing, the authors capture the essence of each person in text, and interweave this with their experience of their move from long-term institutional care. The book raises a number of key challenges for those contemplating such a move, and offers inspiration and insight into the planning and personal commitment required to ensure the success of this significant life event. It also looks at the various impacts on the individual, their families and the services that are involved in paid support roles.

Most importantly, the book brings to the discussion some of the voices that represent people with high support needs that are otherwise absent.

Rea Dennis and Lesley Chenoweth are based in the School of Social Work & Social Policy at The University of Queensland in Brisbane. They have been involved in disability issues for more than 15 years with diverse interests including deinstitutionalisation, issues for families, violence and abuse, and finding ways to assist people to tell their own stories.

Contact & ordering information:
The book is priced at $12.95 and can be ordered through me. Please contact me if interested.
Rea Dennis
PhD Candidate
School of Social Work & Social Policy
The University of Queensland 4072
+61 7 3365 2634
+61 7 3365 1788 (fax)
0416 186 557

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